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Koh Chang is 492 sqkm large and so the second largest island of Thailand behind Phuket.

The National Park of Koh Chang (It means "Elephant island") has 47 other islands along the coastline from Trat province. It is a special undisturbed rainforest which makes Koh Chang more and more popular, it is surely the best preserved rainforest in Thailand with many magazines saying it is the best in South East Asia.

On your visit to Thailand don't fail to include a visit to Ko Chang and stay in Penny's air conditioned bungalows.

The hills of Koh Chang reach up to 744 meters (Khao Jom Prasat hill is the highest)and they give the island the name of Elephant Island, because these mountains look like elephant backs

Since 1998 Koh Chang has only had a single tarred road, being a ring road round the island, but it is now possible to come on a comfortable road from one end (Salakphet fishing village on the southeast) to the other(Bangbao fishing village in the southwest)

All the main sandy beaches are located along the west coast from Koh Chang. The first one closest to the ferry is the most popular beach as well, called "Had Sai Khao"(White sand beach). Development is here still very fast, the next beach 3km further away is the "Klong Prao beach" this beach is still 7km long and the longest beach on Koh Chang.

Further down the island there are the beaches of Kai bae, Lonely beach and also a few small beaches which are sometimes ideal for a day trip.

It is still very common to rent a motorbike to get you around, this way you can explore the whole island at your own pace. Alternatively there are public taxis operating around the clock.

At present there are no roads into the centre of the island, but it is now possible to explore the island's rainforest with jungle trekking tours, however you do need to be in good physical condition to undertake these tours.

The main swimming pool at Penny Thailand, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

There are also six waterfalls to visit on Koh Chang, the most popular one is the Klong Phlu waterfall close to Klong Prao beach(admission: 200 Baht per person) It is a 30 minutes walk to this beautiful natural pool, all the waterfalls are best visited during the period from May-December, as after the start of the dry season it could be that some of the waterfalls are dried out.

Sunset at Penny Thailand, Koh Chnag, Trat, Thailand Restaurant at Penny Thailand, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand Typical bathroom at Penny Thailand, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

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Diving and snorkelling are other activities that Koh Chang specializes in. The best diving season is from November to April. There are also many other activities possible nowadays on Koh Chang, like elephant riding, or kayaks or mountain bikes are for rent as well

Koh Chang also now has an international standard hospital, located between White sand beach and Klong Prao beach(approx 1 km away from Penny's resort) This new hospital can handle serious medical problems, in this case you don't feel you are isolated on an island.

New developments on Koh Chang are taking place very fast, especially around the sandy beach areas like White Sand (Hat Sai Kow) and Klong Prao, and are now spreading further south into the former more guest house and backpacker styled "Lonely beach" area (12kms further south from Penny's Resort) and to the now very popular but overcrowded "Bangbao" fishing village (17km south). All these beaches and areas of interest are easy to reach from Penny's.

There are also several very well equipped dentist clinics on Koh Chang.

All minor banks of Thailand have now also their branches opened on Koh Chang, so money changing is nowhere a problem anymore.

On your visit to Thailand don't fail to include a visit to Ko Chang (sometimes spelt Koh Chang) and stay in Penny's air conditioned bungalows. Not only will you never forget it, you will soon be back for more.

Penny's look forward to welcoming you and we guarantee all our best efforts are certain to make your vacation with us unforgettable.

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