By The Sea

Penny Thailand - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General questions
    1. What is the best travelling time?
    2. When is the rainy season?
    3. How far you are from the beach?
    4. Is it noisy in your area?
    5. Can we go snorkelling near you?
    6. Are there some restaurants near you?
    7. I have a weak and sensitive stomach. Do you cook extra orders on request?
    8. What about Malaria? We have been told we need to take the tablets. Do you know of any outbreaks on the island?
    9. Can I check my e-mails by Penny's resort or nearby?
    10. Can we rent motorbikes?
    11. Are your motorbikes insured?
    12. We like to stay for more than 1 month, can you give an extra discount?
    13. Is Ko Chang a dangerous criminal area?
    14. What kind of trips are available on Ko Chang?
    15. Are there ATM cash machines and banks on Ko Chang?
    16. Is there a ferry service to Koh Chang even for the evening flight(arrive 6.30 pm)